Here’s how you can create a beautiful, dynamic video schedule using Google’s Chrome extension

Posted September 14, 2018 07:21:53The next time you’re on the web, take a moment to reflect on how you used to see video content.

YouTube’s new Chrome extension can help.

It offers an all-new visual calendar that lets you create a timeline of all of your favorite videos.

You can even set up a daily video schedule with a single click.

If you’re still using Google Chrome, you’ll be able to use the extension to add videos and playlists to a calendar, but you’ll also be able add custom visual schedules that add your own spin to a video.

Here’s how to create a visually-focused video schedule.

You can also add video previews to videos that don’t require a caption.

Just select the video and select “Preview.”

This will bring up a preview of what you can see, as well as a list of preview videos.

When you’re done, just click “Add schedule” to add the video, playlist, and preview.

The calendar is built with a few new features:Each video in your calendar can have a caption, which is highlighted when a video is played.

You’ll also see a preview if the video has a caption that you can select.

Here are a few more highlights:The calendar can be customized.

You don’t have to make a change to the calendar to add or remove events, but there are a couple of options that you’ll want to think about:The video schedule can have different time zones.

You might want to change the time zone to a specific time in the US or Canada, for example.

You also can change the day and time of the week for a specific video, but this is a feature you’ll need to think more about.

When adding videos to your calendar, you can also select the date and time in your schedule to add to your schedule.

The date and times are also displayed in the calendar, so you can easily see when the video was added to your playlist.

Here is a screenshot of the calendar.

Here you can add the calendar with a list, or select a date and a time to add a video to your video calendar.

You will also see the date, time, and the date range.

Here, you select a day in the schedule, and then you click “add video.”

This brings up the calendar that you added.

Click “Add video” again to add your video.

You will then see the calendar’s “Add date and video.”

You can now add videos to the schedule.

The schedule shows the current day and hour.

Clicking on the day or hour will bring you to a timeline that you will have to navigate to to add video to the video.

This is where the “Add calendar” option is really helpful.

Clicking on “Add day” will bring the calendar up with the date you want to add and the time you want the video to play.

Click the “Done” button to close the calendar and return to the home screen.