FOX Sports will host a new show called ‘visual schedule’ on its schedule template

FOX Sports is debuting a new schedule template for FOX Sports 1, giving fans a quick visual guide to upcoming FOX Sports programming.

The new template shows what the network will be showing live on FS1 at a given time and what is currently being broadcast on the network.

The template is being developed in collaboration with the Fox Sports Network, which also provides programming for the FOX Sports Radio network.

It will be available in three sizes for users to download: standard, premium, and premium only.

The template is meant to give fans quick access to a quick overview of upcoming events and highlights from a specific FOX Sports broadcast.

The goal of the template is to help fans stay up-to-date with what’s happening on the sports network.

“This is not the first time FOX Sports has created a schedule template, but it’s one that fans have been asking for,” said Mike Nathanson, FOX Sports Network’s president of programming.

“We’re very excited about the template and look forward to using it to get the latest and greatest programming on FOX Sports.”