What the future holds for this chandeliers


(AP) A new Illinois chandelerie company says it plans to open a store in Champaign-Urbana, and it says it’s bringing in some local talent.

The Chicago-based chain called its first Champaign location last month, and its second store is scheduled to open in early December.

The new store will feature a large, circular chandeliere.

The chain says it’ll offer about 20 different designs and colors, with some limited to 10 customers.

“We’ve made a huge investment in the Champaign area, and we are excited to offer this incredible community a true destination for Champaign, Illinois, to be proud of,” said Tim Pincus, owner of Pincuses, an Illinois-based specialty food company.

Pincus said the company is in the process of obtaining a liquor license, which would allow the Champagne Chandeliers to sell wine, beer and liquor.

Champaign has about 2,000 residents, about a third of whom live in the suburbs.

The new location will be in a former industrial building at 910 W. Washington St., just off the Champagnes River.

The building, owned by an investment firm called Kravis Group, is owned by the city of Champaign.

This story has been updated to include information from the Champagnais Chandelier, and to clarify the location.