‘Wanna be a part of something big? You gotta look like Kei’: Kei Minaj on fashion’s newest wave

“When you’re just starting out, it can be hard to find the right label,” Minaj said in a statement.

“So I wanted to be the best, and it’s so hard for people to find them, even though I’m so used to getting that feedback.

It’s like you’re saying, ‘How many more do you need?'”

In 2016, Minaj teamed with designer Hedi Slimane for the “Shake It Out” line, which featured her in a range of bold, textured looks.

While the line has become a hit, it wasn’t without controversy, with some calling it “appropriative” and others saying that the designs were “too girly.”

In 2017, Minj and Slimane were sued for allegedly infringing on the “GIRL” name, with the brands’ legal team arguing that they “misappropriated” the name for the line and the label’s trademark, but the case was ultimately dropped.

In 2017, the artist shared an Instagram video of herself on the cover of an issue of Elle magazine, in which she and Slimana shared their “Wanna Be a Part of Something Big” campaign, in collaboration with designer Gucci.

It was a collaboration that was inspired by Minaj’s own Instagram post.

The video is part of a larger collection of Minaj art, including a series of images that feature her wearing an outfit by fashion designer Hovsepian, and a set of designs by the fashion house.