How Visual-Assistance Speech Can Help You Get Ahead In The Workplace

When you need to communicate with a coworker and your colleagues, you might have to tell them what to do.

But can visual aid communication help you get ahead in the workplace?

That’s the question at the heart of a recent study by researchers at the University of Illinois.

The team looked at the research of more than 1,000 workers who had to use a wide range of methods to convey information about their jobs, including PowerPoint presentations, video chats, email, handwritten notes and handwritten notes in other ways.

The researchers found that the more visual aids people used, the more likely they were to succeed in communicating.

“Visual aids have been used in many contexts throughout human history to help people understand, describe and manage their work,” said lead author Stephanie Schaeffer.

“In this paper, we looked at how those same abilities are translated into the workplace and how they impact performance.”

This research was published online this month in the Journal of Experimental Psychology: General.