Which visual studio will be next?

Visual Studio 2020 has officially been announced, and it’s not looking good for Microsoft.

It’s currently being developed by the software giant at the Microsoft Campus in Redmond, Washington, and will be available later this year for download, according to Microsoft.

The company says that Microsoft will not be taking any other investment or funding, and that the company will instead focus on the “world-class cloud-based tools and technologies” it’s been developing.

Microsoft has been investing heavily in Visual Studio for the past several years.

The software giant bought Visual Studio 2017, and in 2019, it acquired Visual Studio 2018 and Visual Studio 2019.

The two companies have since developed a number of major tools for the development of Office 365, Microsoft’s cloud-centric suite of productivity software.

The new Visual Studio 20 is expected to be a major upgrade to the software’s already impressive offerings.

Microsoft is releasing the new Visual Basic for Applications (VB) runtime for Visual Studio and Visual C++ 2015 Express, the two previous versions of Visual Studio.

Visual Studio 10 and Visual Team Developer Edition are the two versions of Microsoft’s development tools, respectively.

Both versions have been optimized for the cloud, and Microsoft says that the new versions of these tools will offer more flexibility in how they work.

However, the new VS20 will not support Visual Studio 2013.

Visual Studio 20 will also be available as an open-source tool for developers, and the company says it will provide an API to developers for building applications.

Visual C# 2015 Express is Microsoft’s open-sourced, .NET-based programming language, and Visual VS 2015 Express will be the latest version of the .NET Framework to support the Visual Studio platform.

Visual C++ 2016 Express, Microsoft has released, is a newer version of Visual Cpp.

It supports a wide range of compilers and platforms, and supports cross-platform development.

It will be one of the more mature .NET frameworks available in Visual Team, which is currently the company’s professional development platform.

Microsoft says Visual Studio’s release date will be announced “in the coming months.”

Microsoft will release a “complete preview” of the new version in 2019.