Visual Studio – The Male Body Visualizer – Windows 10

Posted by The Globe & Mail on Friday, September 23, 2018 05:25:06 In Visual Studio 2017, it’s all about the “male body” (aka, the “head” or “body”) and its use in a video. 

But, there’s an option to add a new option for “visualize the male body” and the male head (which is actually a “body” that you’d use to animate the male model, rather than a “head”).

And yes, that’s just the option in the default Visual Studio (Windows 10).

You can also use it to “visualise the head” and it has a lot of features, like a “shader” that lets you control the lighting, an animated avatar and even the way you animate your model. 

You can even use it with the default “Visual Studio” for Mac OS X. For now, Visual Studio 2018 is available on the Windows 10 store, so I can’t speak for the Android version.

But you can check out the latest version on the Visual Studio website.